Fiscal Strategy

Main which is more appropriate for blueprint projects with clearly quantifiable outputs Critically Discuss.2. Critically assess the  Spending Reviews has been as a way of making government more estrategic. Your analysis should cover Spending Reviews during the of Spending Reviews has been as a way of making government more estrategic.

and austerity (2008 onwards).

is not essential.This is topic for the essay.there are two categories of strategy.1. Fiscal Strategy

current and capital, etc.Therefore, estrategy in this context meant significant changes to the patterns and levels of spending. performance? (ii) how did they, if at all, link performance to expenditure?

as my choice. Annotation from text books and online resources are required a long with a bibliography.

period of at least 5 years. 2. What decisions were made during the course of the simulation and why?

you made and why you made them.

round. At this point you should consider how to manipulate and present data. There is no need for a dense narrative comprising words and figures substantial data offered in support but presented in the appendices.

the competition.

well they are doing.

it possible to stick to the strategic direction chosen? If not then why not?

will be given to reward success. So, write about how well or indeed how poorly you performed. Your reflections and self appraisal of either simulation? I.e. what kinds of outcomes arose from decisions you made and strategies you adopted?

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