Aramco Risk Management

Applied Risk Management Project Details
For Project, select any Saudi business enterprise/company engaged in following
types of business, and write about their risk management process/department.
1. Investment firms
2. Project management
3. Supply Change
4. Oil and energy sector
5. Insurance Sector
6. IT Sector
7. Banks
Project will be in a group of two students. All groups need to choose one of these topics.
Project and submission details are as under.
The project will be between 2000 to 3000 words, Similarity index maximum of 25%. Neatly
written and drafted, standard settings (i.e., standard margins and line spacing, font etc.)
Few desirable Parts of the Project (but not necessary)
i. Executive Summary
ii. Introduction about company
iii. main risk management areas
iv. Other essential aspects of the topic assigned to you
v. Conclusion
vi. References

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