BING; Business

Now that you have reviewed the required content for Week 10, please respond to the following questions and post them:

  1. Drawing on the learning materials from the course, our discussions, and your own personal experience, if applicable, discuss your reactions to the presentations/interviews of Poornima Vijayashanker, Jennifer Hyman, and Paul Tasner. What evidence did you see of an entrepreneurial mindset? Which elements of the lean startup process did you notice? What challenges at which steps of their venture life cycles have they encountered, and how did they overcome them? In your response, be sure to address both similarities and differences across the three entrepreneurs’ experiences.
  2. As you know, the guiding philosophy of this course is the lean startup process. Having gone through the course, discuss whether you see any boundary conditions to the lean startup process. That is, are there any industries where the lean startup process may not work as is and where adjustments might have to be made? If so, what characterizes the industries in which the lean startup process may need to be altered? Discuss what specific steps of the lean startup process might have to be altered (i.e. the creation of an MVP, the different steps of the validation process, etc.), and in which way.

Your initial posts addressing the above questions are due Wednesday 11:59pm PT. Note that you need to post first before you can see any of your classmates’ posts. By Saturday 11:59pm PT, I would like you to post responses to two of your classmates’ initial posts.


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