Bioethics Position Paper Assignment Instructions



The focus of this paper is the use of ethical reasoning skills to develop a biblically integrated position on a current bioethical issue of your choice. The issue must be related to your present or future chaplaincy ministry context such as those found on the web portal. The goal is to enable you to develop the thought processes and research skills required to identify and analyze common bioethical issues you may potentially face in your personal life and ministry.




You must produce a 2,100–2,400-word research-based paper. A fully developed paper must:


  • Clearly state the ethical issue and your position.
  • Examine opposing viewpoints in relation to your position.
  • Concisely integrate Scripture and ethical reasoning in a logical, coherent manner to convince others of your position.
  • Demonstrate interaction with the resources available on the web portal and assigned textbooks.
  • Include at least 5 references from books and/or scholarly journal articles in addition to the course textbooks and the Bible. Do not use Wikipedia or non-scholarly Internet articles except as an illustration of an ethical issue.
  • Clearly state your conclusions and their implications.

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