Cost and Value Management Report

1. The report must consist of three parts. Part 1: Client’s Project Value system – RIBA PoW stage 1 (Preparation and Brief), Part 2: Value Engineering the design at RIBA Stage 4 (Technical Design), and Part 3: Life Cycle Costing Appraisal.

2. The suggested word count for Part 1 and Part 2 is 1250 words, whereas the suggested word count for Part 3 is 1000 words.

3. The report must use Harvard style Referencing/ Citation. Use as many reference necessary, there is no limitation as long as they are from reliable sources.

4. Any case study used in the report should be based in the United Kingdom.

5. I have attached two files; The first one being the question and the second one is a senior reference as a guidance for you (As you can tell from the senior’s work, it has a higher word count and has 4 parts instead of 3 parts). For this report, you will need to summarise only the 3 necessary parts (as mentioned above) into approximately 3500 words in total excluding references.

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