Formative Assessment Reflection

Three Guiding Questions for Assessment
Where are students trying to go?
This question relates to the learning standards and goals you want your students to achieve. in today’s standards-based educational world, the state standards the national standards on which they are based define the goals that should be achieved in science at different grade levels. It is the responsibility of district curriculum personnel and classroom teachers to determine the specific learning targets that will lead to the attainment of the goals set forth in the science standards. Assessments of any kind must always be related to standards and lesson learning targets identified in the curriculum and have a clear purpose. The purpose of classroom assessment is to improve learning and instruction.
Where are students now?
This question involves assessing your students’ learning at various times during the lesson. Through a combination of formal (planned) and informal (on-the-fly) classroom assessment techniques, you can monitor various aspects of students’ learning. It is important to select assessments that target what you want students to know, understand, and be able to do.
How are students going to get there?

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