From student to professional; Health Care


1. Review the following statements:
Your experience counts.
.Use buzzwords in your chosen field during your interview and on your resume.
.Examine your out-of-class experiences and relate them to your chosen career goal.
.Convey what you learned at your internships and previous jobs.
.Quantify your actions.
.Control the information that impacts the employer’s perception of you.
.Always take credit and share your contributions.
.Take inventory of occurrences that highlight your personal attributes.
.Build a portfolio that showcases your skills and talents.
.You now have the EDGE!
.Take each statement and write a few sentences that exemplify how you have completed it either in this course or on a previous occasion. If you have not yet done it, discuss the steps you will take to achieve it.
For example, for the first bullet point, “Your experience counts,” you could write a few sentences about some personal experiences that will be beneficial to your future career.

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