Health Care

write a research brief on a key child/adolescent health issue/topic of their choice. The research brief will address (1) the scope of the problem, (2) who the problem affects, (3) the state of the science, (4) educational programs, (5) public health significance, (6) unanswered questions, (7) recent references, and (8) appendices.
Write a research brief (guidelines provided below) that should be between 1,500- 2,000 words (excluding references and appendices) aimed at policy makers that contain the following:
1. Scope of the Problem that help convey the importance of the issue.
2. Who does this problem affect? Describe what is known about which children/adolescents are at greatest risk. Discuss the variables associated with an increased risk for the behavior (risk factors) and the variables associated with a decreased risk for the behavior (protective factors).
3. What is the state of the science?
4. Educational Programs: Describe at least one educational program [school-based or community-based] proven to be effective at addressing the behavior or issue.
5. Public Health Significance: What are the implications of this research for policy makers, practitioners, or the public?
6. Unanswered Questions: What do we still need to know to effectively address this issue?

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