Human Resources Management (HRM)

Workforce Analytics

Please address (at a minimum) the following questions in your analyses.
1. What is this firm trying to accomplish in the marketplace? What is its competitive
2. Create a strategy map for this organization.
3. What are the “A” jobs in this business? What is “A” performance likely to look like in
these “A” jobs?
4. Create an HR and/or Workforce scorecard for your company. You can choose to focus
on the company as a whole or just your “A” jobs, but please make this choice clear to the
reader. Please also note that I am not looking for a balanced scorecard like we developed
in the AHA case (see attached slides for more on this distinction). You can use the
approach we’ve used in class, or any other approach that makes sense to you (the latter is
actually encouraged). Please include a table or graphic that summarizes all of the
scorecard elements that you have developed.
5. Pick a single measure from your scorecard (e.g., employee commitment or turnover)
and describe why you believe this element to be important in the context of the firm’s
overall strategy. Then, build a conceptual model to help the firm manage that factor more
effectively . For example, what are the predictors of commitment or turnover likely to be?
Where will you find these data? How will you analyze the data once you’ve collected it?
Be sure that your paper includes a table or graphic that summarizes your work.
6. Finally, please describe how you plan to communicate your measurement system and
analyses throughout the firm and persuade (often skeptical) managers to use it.

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