In this forum, let’s apply our knowledge of product development and the diffusion process to the Sapphire brand.

Analyze the factors (features, attributes, pricing) that placed the Sapphire brand in a class of its own? Define the product style and compare and contrast the Sapphire style with the other brands.
What were the industry dynamics during the brand introductory phase that made this product attractive?
Since the first introduction of the Sapphire Preferred in 2009, discuss product/service extension and the underlying expansion of target segments.
Discuss the consumer adoption and diffusion process, focusing on the early adopters and the early majority.

eText: Chapter 8 & Chapter 10

Donaker, G., Kim, H., & Luca, M. (2019). Designing Better Online Review Systems. Harvard Business Review, 97(6), 122–129. (Links to an external site.)

Designing the Better Online Review.pdf

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