Marketing Strategy

Marketing Objectives (1-2 slides): Define specific goals in terms of sales revenue, units and market share. Confirm market share for what product market. Provide a simple bar chart with year over year projections for five years. Summarize justification for objectives.
Pricing Strategy (1 slides): List pricing for each offered product or service. Why did you choose your pricing strategy? How will your pricing position you against your primary competitors? Using the example as a guide, create a chart that lists all of the relevant features on the left. Across the top, list your product and all of your competitors.
Distribution (1 slides): What is your distribution strategy? Why? Create a simple flowchart to show channel design. Refer to the example distribution flowchart to help you. Provide specific examples of channel members. What type of transportation methods will be used? Will storage be needed?
Promotion Strategies and Schedule (1-2 slides): What promotional strategies will you utilize? Advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and/or public relations? Please list out specific promotional strategies. Why? If utilizing media advertising, indicate media channels and provide specific examples within each channel that you will utilize. What TV programs? Which newspapers or magazines?

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