Organizational Psychology


Write an essay on a topic or theme of organisational psychology taken from the Organizational Psychology (OP) syllabus. Structure your essay using the following framework.

1. Review the current standard position on your chosen topic by outlining the main points of related academic theory. Your essay should refer to up to date literature. Cite the references you use, observing standard citation conventions. (25%)

2. Examine the topic critically from an academic perspective. For example, you are encouraged to highlight and discuss the main points of debate that surround different academic theories relating to the topic. (25%)

3. Discuss the extent to which these key theories on this topic are relevant/applicable to an organisation or group of organisations in a country with which you are familiar. Provide specific examples of relevant organisational practice/psychology/behaviour when seeking to discuss the relevance/applicability of these theories to the organisation/s. You may choose to refer to your actual or prospective role in the organization in this aspect of the discussion. (50%)

The essay must be in 3,000 words in length

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