Public Administration

1. Must be 9 slides.
2. Write an analysis of organizational culture on the organization, Department of Crime Victim Compensation (see attached paper) based on the sources I am providing.
3. Must analyze the organization based on each article (see attached) to identify leadership. For example, McGregor’s (1957) theories may be relevant or Hersey and Blanchard’s (1976) LEAD when discussing leadership.
4. From the paper, the writer must identify individual variables that affect employee behavior: perception, individual decision-making, learning, and motivation
5. From the paper, the writer must describe how communication, leadership, power, and levels of conflict, impact group behavior based on the source documents I am attaching
6. From the paper and the source documents, the writer must be able to explain how the design of the formal organization, the organization’s internal culture, and change, affect individual and group behavior
7. Do not use any other sources. Must ONLY USE the ones I am providing.
8. The writer must have a couple of slides to identify the physical culture side of the organization. The purpose is to describe the impact of the physical features of the organization on organizational performance and productivity.

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