Racism in the United States

This written assignment asks you to design an ethnographic research project related to one of the themes we have discussed in class:

Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism
Politics and Power
Class and Inequality
You will need to complete the following sections:

1. Research design (2 pages) – define a research question, identify your research approach and describe the benefits of this research approach (e.g you can draw from Leary’s text)

2. Literature Review (2 pages) – conduct a short literature review that includes at least FIVE sources, ONE of which should be theoretical (e.g you can draw from class readings)

3. Hypothetical Fieldwork (2 pages) – identify a fieldwork site and describe the fieldwork plan (who would you talk to and why, what would you observe and why).

APA or MLA citation, single spaced. 6 pages (excluding cover page and bibliography).

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