Walmart – Inventory Problems

Subject: FA21-MGT-385-E02 Operations/Production Mgt
*book: Principles of Operations Management: Sustainability and Supply Chain
Management (10th Edition).

—Students will select a firm with current issues related to its operations as the topic of a case study that will serve as their final exam project. Examples of topics include the shortage of microchips in the auto industry (associated topics include forecasting, supply chain and inventory management) or tough times at Spirit airlines as they seek to resume service following the pandemic (topics include managing quality, forecasting and process strategy).

Here is the outline your case should follow:

1. Overview of firm and current challenge (50 points)

2. Three to Five Sections (clearly labeled) that analyze the challenge using course topics (50 points)

3. Three Options/Alternatives to address the challenge (with associated pro’s and con’s) (50 points)

4. Conclusion/Recommendation with justification for next steps supported by what you have learned in the course. (50 points)

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