War Creates Opportunities for People of Color

War Creates Opportunities for People of Color
The American Revolution created both political and social disruptions in colonial society. It
opened up new opportunities for people of color to challenge traditional ideas of race and
equality, and to participate in the conflict (as Revolutionaries or Loyalists).
1. Select a short biography from the following list of individuals.
2. Analyze how the American Revolution created opportunities for this figure to
challenge traditional roles for people of color.
3. Consider whether the American Revolution was “revolutionary” for diverse groups.
o Black Freedom Fighters (Links to an external site.)
o Native Americans and Blacks in the American Revolution (Links to an external
o Phillis Wheatley (Links to an external site.)
•Your paper should be two pages long no more than three, not including the required Title
and References pages.
•Format your paper according to APA style.

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