Evidence-Based Public Health

In one page single-spaced reflect on evidence-based practice in your discipline, addressing the following three topics:


  1. Identify and describe two sources of data or evidence that are foundational to and commonly applied in your discipline. Indicate the name of the data or evidence (e.g. US Census), the source of the data (e.g. the organization that collects, analyzes and reports the data, e.g. the Centers for Disease Control and Surveillance), and describe the data in terms of type, structure or purpose of the data or evidence.
  2. Describe how you would use the evidence in your practice. For example, would these data guide the prioritization or development of a new intervention, treatment or policy? Briefly describe what a new intervention, treatment or policy would be using this form of evidence or data.
  3. Reflect on evidence-based practice and use of evidence and data in your chosen profession, and what it means for you as an emerging professional in your field.


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