Agency theory

The group research paper is worth 10% of the total grade.
The papers should include an:

Introduction, to the topic, tell the reader what the topic of the paper is and the issues will are to be discussed within it. Remember this is a paper on the legal issues in business so you must have a legal issue in business. Explain to the reader specifically which issues within the topic you will address and provide a tentative or initial conclusion.
1 page
Body of the Paper:
This part of the paper will present the research which was completed for the paper, and you can discuss the following issues: what specifics issues are you examining? What are the legal aspects of it? Are there any concerns or problems in dealing with this legal issue. What is the relevant law? And how does the law affect business?
12-13 pages
You will present you conclusion or findings here. What summary is possible, what did you learn about the legal issue in completing this research? Are there any specific problems in this legal issue.
1 page

This page will provide all information on the sources you used in doing your research. Be sure to footnote your sources within your paper so that you acknowledge the work of others that you are using in your paper.
1 page

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