Curriculum Analysis Project

I believe I have to put all of my papers together which I will attach in additional materials.

These are the instructions:
Complete an analysis paper that thoroughly analyzes and evaluates the C-Palms lesson plan reviewed in terms of its multicultural educational quality.

Here is the Curriculum Analysis Paper Lesson Plan Template Download Curriculum Analysis Paper Lesson Plan Template to download. You should not have to request access to this form. Use of the template is a requirement for successful completion of the analysis paper as it specifies all of the necessary components that must be included in the paper.

All facets of the lesson justified theoretically. Multicultural Theory is clearly articulated and correctly linked with lesson components.
Clear and substantive analysis of all components of the lesson plan.
Free of grammatical errors. Free of misspelled words. Sophisticated sentence/paragraph structure. All sources are cited in APA formatted.
The analysis is grounded in theories presented in the course throughout the semester- citing 6-8 theorists and/or theories.

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