How to install virtualization software and install a Linux based server

Write a summary of Install virtualization software and install a Linux based server. You will then write a summary of the experience that follows the outline provided. A. Virtualization 1.Explain the virtualization software requirements. 2.Explain the advantages of virtualization. 3.Discuss distributed systems. 4.Description of the process for installing virtualization software (using Oracle VirtualBox (or the software you currently use for virtualization.) B. Multi-Tasking OS 1.Discuss the benefits of multi-tasking to an end user. 2.Describe what processes are and how they working in a modern OS. 3.Explain what single-stack means. C. Hardware and Software 1.Select and download a Linux server distribution. Explain how this distribution fits into the four generations of operating systems. Provide specific examples. 2.Explain how the virtualization software provides the key hardware for the operating system using virtualization software and the Linux server distribution chosen. 3.Install the selected Linux distribution in the virtualization. D. Perform Basic Installation 1.Memory and Storage i) Explain the purpose and type of memory provided by the virtualization software/host computer and how much will be required by the VM to function adequately. ii) Describe type of data storage that will be used by the Virtual Machine that you are installing and how that compares with a type commonly used a decade ago. 2. Intro to File Systems using your chosen Linux distribution i) Using your newly installed VM and video capturing, demonstrate how to navigate directories, manage files, and directories.

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