Language and Society Statement

1. Please attach “my draft” in the additional material section as an appendix as instructed.
2. The structure of the essay will be opening-body-conclusion.
3. For the introduction, write something like the importance of language and the importance of communication in today’s society, and why we learn the verbal and non-verbal language. Should be 200-250 words long.
4. Body paragraph should range about 900-1000 words, including a brief summary of each of the 8 chapters and a personal experience in each chapter as an example to address the theme of each chapter. Each chapter should be around 100-125 words.
5. Conclusion ranges from 200-300 words. This section should discuss whether these 8 chapters can prove the importance of language and whether society demands a proper way for communication.
6. Contact me if clarification is needed.
6. Citation is not mandatory. Use APA if referencing to lecture notes and/or other academic sources.

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