Movie review “To Kill A Mockingbird” made in 1962.

Movie review about the film “To Kill A Mockingbird” made in 1962. Please write a 5 full paged paper that discusses and includes the following: 1) The facts of the case in the movie. 2) If there are crimes/torts involved, what were they and what was necessary for the prosecution/plaintiff to prove? Did the prosecution/plaintiff meet its burden? 3) The entertainment value of the movie (deciphering between facts and dramatic effect) and how it compares to reality. If the same situation were to take place outside of the Hollywood, what would the likely outcome be? 4) How does the movie accurately portray the legal system? Refer to specific scenes. 5) Based on your knowledge of the law, what is the relevance and importance of the effect of movies on the public? Format should be in paragrah form. Double spaced. 12 pt font. Normal margins. Do not cut/paste from resouces such as Wikipedia. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

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