Operational Plan for Increasing Volume

Imagine you are a healthcare administrator who has been asked to investigate ways to increase the number of patients who use the clinic. Use the attached template Use the attached template in additional materials and create an operational plan that identifies the following:

Objective: How can we increase patient volume? Why should we do it? What can be gained? What outcomes are we hoping to achieve? You must list at least three objectives for your clinic. Some examples include purchasing ad space in newspapers, creating a clinic page on social media outlets, and recruiting a well-known physician to practice at your facility.
-Strategies: Break down the objective into measurable tasks for completion
-Time frames for completion
-Accountable member(s) of the team
-Estimated budge
-Total project cost
Now, based on your operational plan, compose a reflection (2 pages) and reflect on the following:

Is the plan feasible? Why or why not?
Are there areas where you could reduce or increase your budget? Which areas? How does this affect the outcome?
Is the proposed cost or the initiative worth the return on investment? Why or why not? If not, what alternate plans could you research to achieve the same goal?
How does having the plan completed affect your practice?

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