Individual Written Assignment :
Answer the following questions in 1,000 to 1,200 words in total. This assignment should be in question-and-answer format and answer these two questions should be in English.
1. Write the concept of sociological imagination as suggested by C. W. Mills in no more than 300 words. In-text citations and references should be given. Paraphrasing should be used.

2. Depression is a social issue in Hong Kong as argued by Mills’ sociological imagination. Following this idea, analyse the problem of family with reference to depression in no more than 900 words. In-text citations and references should be given.

Suggested reading: Mills, C. W. (2012). The sociological imagination. In M. L. Andersen, K. A. Logio, and H. F. Taylor (Eds), Understanding Society: An Introductory Reader (pp. 2-6). Belmont: Wadsworth.

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