War is Kind

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following questions:
always present the author and title immediately! How about some biographical information about the author so we know this individual is highly qualified. Briefly summarize the major points presented in the article. Cover the beginning, middle, and conclusion so you hit the major points. What is the main idea or major thrust of this essay? Present at least two powerful direct quotations. Try to present the actual thesis statements as they should be the most powerful statements from the article. Feel free to include visual aids and be a good storyteller. Be sure to not load up the slides with too much information. Present a few bites or bullets and use them to have a conversation with your audience. Establish eye contact and don’t speak too quickly. When in doubt use extra slides and spread your presentation out so you’re not presenting slides that are jampacked with too much to read. In general, you don’t want your audience to have to read too much as this does not work well in a group presentation setting.

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