100 years Europe history

Here, then, is the focus for your essay. First, explain HOW the 10 “isms” from our class set up the experience of the 20th century. This analysis should at least touch on the impact of the French Revolution in creating the atmosphere for the “isms.” This should take you about 2 pages. Second, develop the analysis on the impact of these “isms” to our modern time. This is the bulk of the essay, 3-4 pages. This is where you should use events of the 20th century (things we studied) as well as modern day issues as parts of your analysis. Modern day issues from the past 10 years that connect well here include, but are not limited to: North Korean Crisis, Immigration crisis in Europe, ISIS, Israel-Palestine, European economic crisis, Brexit, Russia vs Ukraine, rise of China, war on terror, Middle East Islam issues (Turkey, Kurds, Iran, Saudi Arabia), world trade tensions. Third, write a conclusion that provides your view of the coming 25-50 years;

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