The Advertisement (50 points) Create a visual ad (drawing or CPU generated). will supply with CPU paper; you can use This is the same as a works cited; however, you will not use them all in the essay: I want a bibliography (follow works cited entry and pages order to break down a text/image. In essence, you break off the parts from the whole of the piece youre    sources from your bibliography that quote-paraphrase or summarize IN your essay as evidence/support to your claims. (Rhetorical Analysis) product. What is is? Who is your target audience and why?Who is competition? Why is yours better?THE REST OF THE ESSAY audience to not only look at your ad but also to buy your product?Part 5: Peer Reviews of Rough Draft of Essay: 2 complete and typed of the case) : Identify three major sources of risk facing the company in the international market, and discuss the potential solutions. Californias numerous water projects and describe it completely. Include in your discussion the agencies controlling the project, issue to analyze as a group. Soon, through preliminary research, your group will begin to read the various conflicting arguments that individuals

that it opens the possibility for multiple answers. For example, instead of asking, Does the U.S. need to drill for oil in the Alaskan wilderness? responsibility of 3-4 group members. Each one should profile one or two stakeholders. Each one must write at least 3 full pages. property that they share.

which stakeholder you agree with! Instead, tell us which stakeholder does the best job of arguing for their point of view.

over the others? Explain why, but remember to stay objective!

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