SBAR communication

SBAR communication
Paper details: Capstone Title Page and Introduction Write your capstone title page and introduction, 1 – 2 paragraphs, APA format. Feedback will be provided and you can make adjustments moving forward. Due (5 points) Implementation Paper This paper should be 2 pages, APA format, and should discuss issues you may face at implementing your improvement process in the location you have chosen. This could include hospital process for new implementations, committee approvals, senior leadership involvement, implementing changes with the nurses, etc. Due by of week 4. (10 points) Capstone Presentation Quality Improvement Project – clinically based, nursing interventions, patient care, improve outcomes Evidence Based Class Presentation – power point, class hand-outs APA Format Content: plan, references, evidence based, summary, conclusions Length: 15 minute presentation, as many slides as needed Incorporate PDSA and aspects of IOM Nurse of the Future Report Due Week 7 and 8, in class presentation. (20 points) Capstone Paper Quality Improvement Project

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