A theory of human motivation for alcoholism in relation to Freud’s theories

Task: Propose a theory of human motivation for alcoholism in relation to Freud’s theories of
the self.
Suggested concepts to use: Death drive theory, psychosexual development, defense
mechanisms, Id, Ego, Superego.
Guiding questions: What role, if any, does the ‘unconscious’ play in human behaviour? What
is the influence of ‘culture,’ ‘society,’ or other ‘external’ factors in shaping an individual’s
personality? What ‘agency’ does an individual have vis-à-vis these external factors and/or
his or her unconscious?
1. Come up with a psychoanalytical theory for alcoholism. The proposed theory will be
the essay question. Please state the theory/essay question at the top of the paper.
2. Use the suggested concepts to write an essay that answers the theory.
3. Refer to the guiding questions. The essay should answer the guiding questions, on
top of answering the psychoanalytical theory.
4. Freud, S. (1989). Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis. Please cite/quote from
this text too. I will provide the soft-copy of the text for you to read through and
quote from.
5. Citations-wise, use parenthetical, in-text method.

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