Consulting project final draft

Please search a company run by Nikki Loney, the company name is Full Voice Music. She has the official website and she is our client now. We are doing a consulting project on her company and currently we have already wrote 4 draft. I have attached our draft 2, 3 and 4 for you as a preview and help you understand what we doing quicker.

For the final draft, please see the attached material “final paper draft” and check the red words. There are only two parts that I need you to write, or revise and fulfill more content. One is Competitive environment : US, Canada, Australia, another is the recommendation I wrote in EE4. I have wrote both part in the previous EE, you can read it. You can even use most of the part, but remember, you need add more competitive environment analysis between different countries about Nicky’s company. Also, please revise my recommendation too.

This is Nikki’s email about the competitor that she sent to me before I do draft 3: Thanks for reaching out. Interesting question. Because we are extremely niche specific, currently, I don’t have direct competition, but I would say this book series would be (?) You will find a bit of information about the author, but there is not much about them. They don’t have an updated website or any other promotional materials, but they do sell well on Amazon. They also do not offer the teacher resources as FULL VOICE does with podcasts, teacher training, or free downloads. I hope this helps.

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