Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Employment laws within Microsoft management and their employees.

Each student is responsible for selecting a specific topic within the area of HRA and writing a scholarly paper. Conduct a literature review search and selecting 10 or more current (less than 5 years old) journal articles that fit the course content. Students should write a comprehensive summary of the key findings from the literature review and discuss the application of those findings to the business world, as well as the conclusion. The submission should
utilize APA guidelines for format and citations, be typed, double-spaced, and contain 12-15 pages (Times New Roman, 12, double space, 1-inch page margin) with the following sections:

• Body of Paper – Quotations, lists, tables, charts, etc. can be an excellent source of supporting material for the paper. The paper should include the following appropriately labeled section headers:
o Introduction
o Background of the topic
o Findings from the literature
o Application to the business world
o Conclusion
o References
o Appendix (if needed) – additional charts, graphs, or tables that support research findings

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