1- What do you know about Bani as confederation and Al-Qawasim coalition? Tell us about the tribes in both sides.
2- The UAE celebrates the 50th national day this year. How has Emirati women’s empowerment changed throughout these years? compare between the age of oil and the age of pearl. Explain and give some examples.
3- Why did the British occupation accuse the Qawasim of piracy? Why did they destroy Ras Al-Khaimah and how did they attack? How do you evaluate the British accusation to the Qawasim?
4- What were the real motives behind the Portuguese Occupation? How did the people in Eastern Arabia faced and expel them from the Arabian Gulf and Indian ocean region?
5- What was the main source of income for the land and sea tribes in the Trucial Coast States? How did each tribe trade their main source of income and who are the banyans, who did they serve and what were their roles?
6- How was the relationship between the tribe leaders? Choose two tribes and talk about the relationship between both of them.
7- Describe life in the UAE before and after the discovery of oil. Mention two examples.
8- How many years did the Portuguese occupy the Arabian Gulf region? What did they do during these years? And how was their end in the region?
9- When, how and why did the British occupy the Trucial Coast states? Until what year and how was their end in the region?
10- What are the differences between women in the 1960s and women in the 1990s? particularly on both labor level and family level.

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