Leadership Studies

This assessment requires you read the attached case study (Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 1 reopened on Thursday as the city prepares for a ‘summer surge, published in on Saturday 6 November 2021).
This case study is based on an article published in Khaleej Times on 6 November 2021. (https://www.thenationalnews.com/uae/transport/we-re-back-dubai-airport-s-terminal-1-reopens-after-15-months-to-handle-summer-surge-1.1248129).

It is intended to assess highlight an enormous organisational change. Using your learning from this module, identify relevant academic models, arguments and critiques to suggest practices that leaders, managers and HR practitioners should consider or avoid when managing such a huge challenge that involves a massive human resource.
please read the assmgiment details carefully and i dont need more than 3000 words

follow the following main section as mentioned in the guidlines:
– Intoduction
– Review of appropriate academic literature
– analysis and discussion
– Conclusion and Recomendations:

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