Literature Review topic on the impact of technology on the accounting profession.

Paper Instructions:

Please write a literature review topic on the impact of technology on the accounting profession.


Please note and meet criteria as below:

  1. Research widely, primarily (though not necessarily exclusively) in the academic journal literature.
  2. It is important that you adopt a thematic structure to your writing.
  3. It is important that you identify issues from the literature. Define a research problem and identify research questions or formulate hypotheses.
  4. Provide a critical assessment of the literature as opposed to simply describing its contents.  Be critical (but in a balanced way).
  5. It is assumed that you will adopt a proper system of referencing.


​​Word limit: not more than 4,000 words (excluding list of references).

Using at least 10 academic resources(preferred using academic journal literature) for this literature review.


Please consider questions as follow,which may help you to write this:

  1. You could write down some positive sides of the literature
  2. Thinking about methodology: does literature create a good methodology? Is the methodology right?  For example, if the literature uses quantitative methods, you could look at the coverage of data and  is the  coverage of data good?  Be critical (but in a balanced way).
  3. If you find the limitations of the literature, you can talk about how to solve these problems (limitations)


There are five key steps to write literature review:

  1. Search for relevant literature
  2. Evaluate sources
  3. Identify themes, debates and gaps
  4. Outline the structure
  5. Write your literature review

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