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Part A: Short Critical Reflections (30 marks) Select two of the assigned readings and write a short critical reflection (of about 150–250 words) for each (a total of two critical reflections; 15 marks for each reflection). You may find it helpful to use one or more of the focus questions included in the activity as a guide. The critical reflection should present your own thoughts and responses to the reading. Begin with a brief summary of the reading. Explain which key points and ideas you agree with, and tell why. Explain which key points and ideas you disagree with, and tell why. If you think the reading is dated, feel free to update it from your general knowledge or other research. Compare how the ideas discussed in the reading have relevance to Canada or other countries or regions. Thus, it is an interaction between the ideas in the reading and your own interpretation and response to what you have read. The critical reflection should be a polished piece of writing, and it will be assessed using the same criteria as any piece of writing. It should include an introduction, a body that presents your thoughts clearly and logically, and a conclusion. You may write in the first person, but be sure to refer to some of the ideas that are introduced in the readings. Part B: Essay (70 marks) Write an essay of 750–1000 words on one of the following topics: 1. Explain the relationship between art and politics reflected in Mexican Muralism. Explain the mutual understanding between the post-colonial revolutionary government and the artists in the shared desire to get public support for the revolution against re-colonization by Spain or the US. 2. Analyze the movie Evita and compare the fictional “Evita” character in the movie with the historic Eva Perón. Comment on the controversy surrounding Madonna playing the lead role. 3. Discuss which elements in the movie Frida you can recognize from the different cultural backgrounds in Mexico, and the role of the artist in the twenties and thirties. Did the character “Frida” promote feminism in the movie, or was she portrayed as too subservient to Diego?

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