For this assignment you will examine a particular case with a special population,and then develops a broad understanding of the role of the forensic psychologist in a correctional settings.

First you must chose a unique case study or special population .Dome examples are listed below
Selecting a case from the headline such ada recent high profile criminal case that has a clear intersection with mental health.

Making up a case example based on your interest prior profile case examples you have read ,or a mixture of all of the above.

Selecting a population as a whole that we have may not have touched on in a class including,but not limited to
Sex offenders
Violent offenders
Military offenders
Juvenile offenders
Offenders with substance abuse
Offenders with life sentence
High profile offenders
Prior law enforcement who are incarcerated

After you have selected the case study ,describe the particular characteristics of the individual population and what particular issues they may deal with in a correctional setting .
Be sure to address the following
Relationship with the offenders and Staff

Possible issues with authority

Treatment related concerns

Relevant research on this population and its Interaction with the correctional system.

Next you will discuss different aspects of correctional settings and how you could influence this individual or population as a forensic psychologist. Be sure to include the following

Treatment option available for your particular individual or groups needs

Include treatment option while in jail, prison ,or community correction
Discuss the availability and flow of treatment as the individual or population moves from the correctional environment to the community

Be sure to
Discuss the efficacy of the treatment options available.

Other ways you may affect this individual as a mental health practitioner, administrator, or forensic psychology researcher.

This may include ideas for new initiatives research ,or systematic change.
In discussing this you should identify areas where change is needed ,what the issues are ,and potential steps fir the future

Additionally ,discuss your overall impression of the mental health services available in different correctional settings ,and then evaluate the degree to which your population needs are met.

Finally, be sure to include how the treatment program relates to
The overall rehabilitation and recidivism in the community once released.

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