Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Management

Q1: List the options that a local business can choose to take part in emergency preparedness and hazard mitigation for its own benefits as well as for building community resilience to disasters. (hints: internally, e.g., business continuity operation and planning; externally, e.g., via partnerships with public and/or nonprofit entities).

Q2: Relate to the response to (and maybe short-term recovery from) Hurricanes Florence or Michael in 2018, pick a local community that was affected by one of the two storms and summarize/critique on the local business response activities that could have been benefited by proactive efforts in preparedness and mitigation. You may want to look at the numerous news articles on mainstream media and watch interview video clips on the Weather Channel, for instance, to get some good ideas to answer this question.

Q3: Why do public-private partnerships (PPP) matter in emergency management in general, and hazard mitigation in particular?

Q4: Why is the third sector needed in hazard mitigation? List the three major methods of enlisting a third sector entity.

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