Leadership Concept Political Science Discussion

Interest Groups Describe how interest groups and political parties differ in how they seek to influence government. Explain the tools of lobbying, electioneering, litigation, and going public and how interest groups use them to achieve their goals and which group has been the most successful in using litigation as well as the factors that led them to choose that tool above others. Identify which groups are most and least powerful in Texas politics. Detail the various types of interest groups that exist with examples of each and what their goals are. What was the influence of the 8F crowd in Texas politics? Explain what the free rider problem is and how interest groups seek to overcome it as well as why individuals join interest groups and which groups are well represented and underrepresented by groups. Explain the various tools groups have in PACs, SuperPACs, 527 Groups, GOTV efforts, bundling, and the concept of the revolving door in hiring lobbyists. Finally, end your discussion with a brief mention about the problems of interest group capture and corruption.

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