Race and Ethnicity Brain Builder Discussion

Answer the following two questions based on the readings in a short-answer assignment of about 8-10 sentences for each question. You must reference the book at least once in your response. To reference the book for this assignment means you cite the author of the chapter, year the chapter was written, and provide a page number that you are drawing the content from. For example, if I want to discuss Lina Newton’s example of Arizona’s Legal Arizona Worker’s Act, I would include (Newton, 2012, p. 355) as my citation. You do not need a full reference for this assignment, just a citation.

1. What policy issues are most divisive from an intergovernmental relations perspective, and why?

2. Chapter 28 and the NPR article on DACA and DAPA discuss the role that states currently play in immigration policy. Based on what you’ve learned, what role should states play in immigration policy?


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