Business Case Analysis

Each student has been assigned a business case against his/her Student ID which have been on Black Board
for the purpose of CASE ANALYSIS.
1. Case scanning: Pay specific attention to the exhibits (table, figures). The objective in this step is
to gain familiarity with the broad facts of the case.
• Key challenges and/or opportunities
• Key information all through
2. Carefully reading of case, make notes, underline, etc. What appear to be important facts? Use
your textbook to find a particular conceptual framework that you may imploy in this case analysis.
3. Define the basic issues:
• What are the fundamental issues in the case?
• Which concepts matter most in providing insight into those issues?
4. Develop and elaborate your analysis of the key issues: You need to take the key issues you
have defined in Step 3, examine the facts that you have noted in Step 2, and assess what are the
key facts. What does quantitative analysis reveal?
• You should assemble facts and analysis to support your point of view.
• This stage of the analysis involves organizing the facts in the case. You will want to
develop specific hypotheses about what factors relate to success in a particular setting.
Often, you will find it helpful to draw diagrams to clarify your thinking.
5. Draw conclusions and formulate a set of recommendations. You may be uncomfortable
drawing conclusions and making recommendations because you do not have complete
information. This is an eternal dilemma for managers. Managers who wait for complete
information to do something, however, usually act too late.
6. Use the VRIO approach to analyze, summarize, and write a beautiful case analysis report.

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