civil rights movement

With the paper you just wrote about civil rights movement and the blm movement, write an 250 word essay and answer the questions; describe how you established your credibility at the start of the essay and continued to do so throughout the paper, explain how you used essential information from your source (name of the author(s), year of publication, the source’s status as peer reviewed) to demonstrate the quality of your source and enhance your own credibility as a writer. Be sure discuss why currency in research is important, especially within your career field, characterize how you constructed your initial thesis and to what extent you revised it as you gathered and studied your research. Propose how your thesis also relates to your intended career future, especially when it comes to creating workplace documents, describe your research methods. Characterize why a methodical approach to research in your particular career is important, and explain how your research guided you in locating and evaluating your sources. Propose how a similar approach could be used to locating and evaluating sources when studying a workplace/career topic.

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