Rehabilitation Counselling

Prior to the interview, please write up the following and give a copy to the instructor just before beginning your interview:

  1. A list of some of the things that you might want to explore with your client on the basis of the information that you have available to you. During the interview, you should focus on primarily on following your client’s leads in helping them to express their concerns and tell their story, but the list should be helpful to you in clarifying some things to listen for and follow-up on, as well as possible topics to initiate and explore. (Minimum of 3 things)
  2. A list of some of the guidelines and priorities that you have for yourself and your own behavior as you conduct the interview. (Minimum of 5 things)


Post-Write-Up: Must include 4 sentence minimum for each of #1-5.

Following the interview, write out your observations and impressions in the following areas:


  1. Describe and evaluate your attending behavior, including pace, response latency and verbal following.
  2. Describe and evaluate your nonverbal behavior including kinesics, paralinguistics and silence, and proxemics.
  3. Describe and evaluate your alliance-building behavior, including statements of empathy, indications of warmth and genuineness.
  4. Describe and evaluate your use of active listening responses (encouragers, paraphrases, summarizations, and reflections of feeling).
  5. Identify points in the interview where greater specificity/concreteness would have been helpful and phrase appropriate follow-up questions that would assist you in your next session with the client.
  6. SOAP Note


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