Traditional Vs New

Scenario: You have lived in Rural Town, Texas for all of your life. It is a traditional row-crop farming community that has recently begun to draw in a more urban crowd due to its relatively close proximity to new jobs only a short commute away. With this new influx of inhabitants also comes a new spectrum of ideals concerning the impact of farming on surrounding areas. Many of these new inhabitants hold the belief that farming, as it is currently practiced, is detrimental to the environment. They are so concerned about the way things are going that they decide to hold a city council meeting to discuss future solutions to the “issues” at hand.

Assignment: You are to compose a two page (double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, word document) response detailing whether or not you would side with the traditional farming citizens or the new environmentally concerned citizens and justify your stance for doing so. Be sure to clearly address the following:

Which of the two groups would you side with and why?
What are some of the positive impacts of row-crop production?
What are some potential negative impacts of row-crop production?
What action could be taken to appease both groups?
In order to fully answer the questions, some outside research may be required. Feel free to explore the resource links provided at the end of the Module 1 Lecture page as well as resources available through the Texas A&M University – Commerce Library. Do not forget to cite your sources!

Grading Rubric
(The following grading rubric will be used for this assignment.)

Professionalism of submission (proper grammar, punctuation, etc.) – 15 points
Introduction that provides direction of paper – 10 points
Content (answers the questions identified above) – 60 points
Conclusion/Summary that ties in main points – 10 points
Citations (required) – 5 points
If assistance is needed to cite sources, use the following website or contact me prior to submission of assignment. Explore the sub-link below for further examples of APA citations.

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