You will also explore how the case inspired improvements in testing methods and the APA ethics code related to using assessments with diverse populations. This assessment will prepare you in your field of work by prompting you to think critically about the legal aspects of psychological testing and to gain the ability to critique the appropriateness of psychological assessments for diverse populations. In your field, you may have to apply what you have learned if you are tasked to conduct psychological testing.

Imagine your manager has asked you to research cases about psychological testing. Your company wants to explore the implications of psychological testing for diverse populations and requires more information prior to conducting psychological assessments. Your manager has asked you to present a written analysis of these legal cases to collaborators.
1,250- to 1,400-word analysis report in which you:

Discuss the background of your selected case and the legal implications of the decision or a description of the issue related to testing.
Discuss biases in the assessments in the case and factors that led to the biases (i.e., the role of test norms creating bias).
Discuss the ethical implications for diverse populations in relation to the case integrating information from Section 9 of the ethics code. How did the controversy lead to improvements in the ethics code to reduce discrimination? This paper will be based on the case Hobson vs. Hanson (1967)

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