Choose ONE of the following questions and answer in the space provided. Your essay should
consist of full sentences and paragraphs rather than point-form statements. Be sure to answer all
parts of the question you choose.
1) Choose ONE of the following topics:
– operations of a healthcare system
– wedding ceremony
Describe how any TWO sociological perspectives help us understand the workings within
the system or event you have chosen (Use two examples each). Please note that your
examples and/or arguments should relate to the sociological concepts, theories and
examples learned and discussed in this course.
 Answer – Outline
Introductory paragraph – Define sociological perspective you choose to write on.
Sociological Perspectives – Define
– Structural Functionalism
– Social Conflict
– Feminism
– Symbolic Interactionism
Operations of healthcare System – discuss roles/functions/duties
– Doctors/physicians
– Nurses
– Management/administrators
– Pharmacists
– Paramedics
– Janitors
Wedding Ceremony – discuss roles/functions/duties
– officiating minister – e.g., priest, pastor, Iman, family head, etc.
– bride, groom
– parents/family – of bride; bridegroom.
– wedding/event planner
– flower girls/boys
Conclusion – how do the example of roles/functions/duties relate to the sociological
Classification: Protected A
perspective you discussed?
Classification: Protected A
2) Identify two ways in which sociological (social science) research is similar to research in
the natural sciences, and two ways in which sociological research is different from
research in the natural sciences.
Should the unique characteristics of sociological research be considered strengths or
weaknesses? Explain (Advance two reasons for each argument).
 Answer – Outline
Introductory paragraph – Define/explain social (sociological) science research and
natural science research.
– Scientific method – literature review, data, theory, hypothesis, analysis, etc.
– Data collection – experiment (control/placebo vs. experimental group), interviews, etc.
– Ethics – confidentiality, anonymity, safety, etc. of subjects
– Goal – seek truth, advance or broaden knowledge, establish or confirm fact, prove or
– Subject or object of study – humans vs. non-humans
– Indoors vs. outdoors
– Data collection – surveys, interviews, etc.
– Abstract vs. real life
– Quantitative vs. qualitative
– Objectivity vs. subjectivity
– Reactivity
Uniqueness – strengths or weakness
– Strengths – knowledge of humans, society/culture (ourselves and others; nationally and
globally), cost-effectiveness, etc.
– Weaknesses – Reactivity, subjectivity, definitional issues, historical relevance,
reliability/validity, etc

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