Case study

two case studies 500 word each

1. What are the quality management shortcomings, if any, at Benevento Foods? How would

you address these shortcomings?

2. How would you approach the “rubber in the dough” episode? What would be your

specific actions? What would you suggest they do to convince Rockwell Bakery to

resume its ordering?

Caesar’s Casino

1. What are the most important elements of the process improvement approach pursued at

Tunica? What benefits were derived from this approach?

2. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of adopting an expert-driven approach

to process improvement at the Metropolis facility, in contrast to the employee-centered

approach used at Tunica? Which approach would you recommend for Metropolis and


3. Assume Hirsch has decided to follow a high-involvement approach similar to the one he

led at Tunica. What challenges and risks do you anticipate Hirsh will face in moving

forward at Metropolis, and how should he be prepared to respond?

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