Happiness relationship

25 word minimum per question.

1.         What does it mean that people are richer but no happier?

2.         Why hasn’t human happiness improved according to the reading?

3.         What does the book mean by rampant individualism? Page 5

4.         Can we, through the inference in the book, achieve happiness in isolation?

5.         Is happiness simply feeling good and misery feeling bad?

6.         The book makes presuppositions that it is  the governments’ role to correct market imperfections and to remove all barriers to labor mobility and flexibility, is thAre our wants a given?

7.         Do people only want security, or is it predictability?

8.         Can we trust others?  What is trust, anyway or what road are we on?

9.         Does our happiness depend on our relationships with others?

10.      Is there an inner personal dimension to our happiness?

11.      Do thoughts affect our feelings?

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