Political science

Describe and analyze a current Indigenous justice issue. The paper must describe and analyze the issue in no more than 10 pages, plus title page, footnotes, and bibliography.

The assignment must be double-spaced, in 12-point New Times Roman font, with no grammatical or spelling errors

Current Issues Paper Content

The paper is expected to include analysis and commentary backed by facts and reason as opposed to merely a descriptive work.

Research is expected mainly from online sources.

Students may organize the paper as they see fit but the following matters should be addressed:

1. the relevant context and genesis of the topic;

2. challenges and opportunities that arise;

3. emerging solutions, including your own or preferred solutions;

4. any trends and outcomes expected;

5. the significance and impact of the topic; and

6. analysis and commentary backed by facts or reason, not merely a descriptive work.

Suggested Paper Topics:

  • Sentencing and Gladue
  • Climate change and Indigenous peoples
  • Indigenous children and foster care

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