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Jazz Performance Report

For this assignment, you will need to plan ahead. You must attend a jazz club date or concert and write a report on it. This assignment is not due until the last day of class, so plan your time accordingly.

Write a report of at least two pages (600 words), giving a review of the performance you attended. In the introductory paragraph, be sure to mention:

1.      Who performed (list the names and instruments of all the musicians).

2.      The venue at which the performance was held.

3.      The pieces that were performed.

In the body of the review, analyze at least three (3) of the pieces that were performed. For each piece, discuss any or all of the following:

1.      What was the style of the piece? As best you can, identify the genre or genres (e.g., cool jazz, bebop, etc.)

2.      Identify the form of the piece, and describe the sections. Who played the choruses?

3.      Describe the melody of the piece. Which instruments played it? What were your impressions of it?

4.      Which instruments had solos? Provide some detail here, for example, whether or not the soloists interacted with the ensemble or other musicians, how long the solos lasted (number of bars), whether you liked them, etc.

5.      Did the piece feature improvisation? If so, was it collective or solo improvisation? Which instruments participated in the improvisation?

6.      What was your impression of this piece overall? Did you have a favorite section?

In the concluding paragraph(s), discuss your overall impressions of the performance. Did a particular piece stand out? Did you have a favorite soloist? Would you want to see these particular jazz musicians perform again?


1.      Be on time to the performance.

2.      Bring a notepad and a pen to take down notes.

3.      If the performers introduce their pieces, take note of what they say. If you can, talk to the performers afterward. Use their perspectives in your report.

4.      Write this report as soon as you can after seeing the performance so that it stays fresh in your mind.

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