company profile


Choose a company that you wish to study and analyze throughout this course. Select the organization carefully – ideally, it should be one that is relevant to your present or future career. This will be the company you analyze throughout the course, and the one on which your will be completing the final Organization Analysis Project report.

In MS Word (or some other compatible word processor), and using the Organizational Profile template provided, prepare an organizational profile of the selected company. 4 pages maximum (excluding the cover page, reference list, etc.). Use as much detail as required to convey your key information and messages but ensure that all information remains relevant to your main thesis statement.

Note: We need not to choose a company because our professor has assigned us a company that is Second Cup Ltd. Restaurants Consumer Goods.

It is a company on Toronto Stock Exchange. You can go to and search Second Cup Ltd. and use any report to do a deep study about the company and then you can do the assignment.

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